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Welcome the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit with traditional festive delights from York Hotel Singapore. The culinary team at White Rose Café is excited to present new and traditional creations befitting for the season of joyous reunions and feastings. Round up the family for the all-important annual affair, and converge at White Rose Café for a scrumptious Reunion Buffet Dinner to start the celebration with a bang. For takeaway, whether a home party or presented as a gift, spread the joy of the season with our stellar collection of handcrafted delicacies available for takeaway.

Reunion Buffet Dinner

Herald in abundance, good health, and more this Lunar New Year. The reunion dinner holds a sociological significance to Chinese families as it means ‘gathering around the family hearth’. Family members will return to the family home for the traditional reunion dinner. To usher in this auspicious occasion with our diners, White Rose Café’s Reunion Buffet Dinner will offer a line-up of Lunar New Year specialty dishes steeped in auspiciousness for an exceptional culinary indulgence.

Make a beeline at the buffet stations for gastronomic fares such as Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Fish Maw; Steamed Red Snapper Fillet with Superior Soya Sauce and Fried Garlic; Stir-fried Pork Belly with Leek and Chilli Bean Sauce, and Roasted Sirloin of Beef with Mixed Chinese Spices and Black Mushroom Sauce. The evening’s repertoire also includes unlimited servings of sweet treats such as an assortment of Lunar New Year goodies, Red Bean Soup with Glutinous Rice Balls, White Fungus with each Resin and Dried Longan, and a variety of Lunar New Year goodies from the dessert station.

York Hotel’s Reunion Buffet Dinner is available at  $68  per adult and $34 per child aged 5 to 11 years old. Add joy to the celebration and toss to success, prosperitvigor vigour for the new year with our traditional Prosperity Lo Hei platter (regular) for a table of 4 to 7 diners or a large Lo Hei platter for a table of 8 to 12 diners.

Lunar New Year Takeaways

Express wishes of auspiciousness and share good fortune with treasured friends or esteemed business partners by gifting the best of the season. From White Rose Café’s Lunar New Year takeaway specials, our ‘Good Fortune’ combo (S$268 nett, serves 5 to 6 persons) is packed with delicious treats such as Prosperity Lo Hei with Mini Abalone and Crispy Fish Skin (large); Eight Treasures Chicken; ‘Fa Cai Luo Han Zai’ (Braised Mixed Vegetables), and Fragrant Fried Rice with Preserved Meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf, perfect indulgence over the festive break.

One of White Rose Café’s highlights for this year, enhance the celebration with our Golden Treasure Seafood Pot (new, serves 5 to 6 persons, S$168 nett), a festive dish pot brimmed with an assortment of seafood such as fish maw, sea cucumber, scallops, goji berry, and shark’s cartilage collagen broth in a casserole pot. Drawing inspiration from traditional dishes cooked by generations and enjoyed in homes during special occasions, our culinary team has paired the broth such that the fragrant flavors of this dish can be savoured on the first bite.

A popular dish served during Chinese banquets, gift loved ones our Braised Chinese Spare Rib in Wuxi Style (new, $68 net, serves 4 to 5 persons). Braised in an aromatic ensemble of red yeast rice and Shao Xing wine, the pork ribs are so tender and juicy, making this dish a perfect accompaniment with the deep-fried buns.

Other festive must-haves from the takeaway menu include Prosperity Lo Hei with Mini Abalone and Crispy Fish Skin ($58 net, regular I $68 net, large); Eight Treasures Chicken ($88 net); Braised Pork Knuckle with Sea Cucumber, Black Moss and Broccoli (new, $98 net); ‘Fa Cai Luo Han Zhai’ (Braised Mixed Vegetables ($48 net); Fragrant Fried Rice with Preserved Meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($48 net, serves 5). Finally, conclude the feast with a pair of our highly-recommended Osmanthus Jelly with Coconut Pudding (new, serves 6 to 8 persons, $68 net) handcrafted in the shape of a carp (fish or 鱼 ‘yu’) which signifies good fortune, wealth, and luck.

Lunar New Year Celebratory Lunch and Dinner Menus

Express gratitude for your treasured clients or revel in a convivial celebration with loved ones by hosting them to a Lunar New Year meal that will be a delight to all. We offer a host of spacious venues and two eight-course celebratory menus to choose from for a memorable affair.

The ‘Abundance of Happiness’ menu ($698 per table of 10 diners) features sublime culinary treats such as Braised Shark’s Fin with Bamboo Pith and Black Fungus, Stir-fried Chilli Prawn with Walnuts, Marmite Glazed Pork Chop, and Osmanthus Jelly with Coconut Pudding.

Take the celebration up a notch with our ‘Bountiful Reunion’ menu ($828 per table of 10 diners). This menu features Crispy Chicken with Garlic and Walnuts, Steamed Red Snapper in Teochew Style, Braised Pork Knuckle with Sea Cucumber, Black Moss and Broccoli as well as Yam Paste with Gingko Nut and Pumpkin

Lunar New Year Getaway Special

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a pampering stay at York Hotel, and immerse in the revelry of the festive season. Book a stay in our spacious Superior Room, and enjoy 8% off our Flexible Rates. Applicable for stays between January 16 and February 12, 2023. Quote ‘CNY8’ when book direct via the hotel’s website.