A new, creative, cultural, artistic and festive tourism offer from a bigger Paris

Paris, the ultimate city break destination, is not simply a city centre. An abundance of cultural, artistic and festive offers on both sides of the ring road attract young tourists searching for something different. Greater Paris has decided to boost and develop its tourism offer to meet young Europeans’ expectations and gain their long-term loyalty. The comprehensive, dynamic and creative offer is based on themes such as street art, architecture, contemporary art, nature, cosmopolitan Paris, and party-time Paris. A wide choice of venues, excursions and tours, of ten unknown to tourists, are available across the city. This new tourism scope al so includes main attractions such as the Royal Basilica of Saint-Kahn Museum.

The aim is not only to develop the destination’s image but also to increase tourism flows from the centre of Paris to the Capital’s suburban districts and towns easily accessible by public transport and to promote these areas and their tourist attractions. The finalised offer has been launched in www.exploreparis.com the  e-store, both in French and in English. Tourists can choose from a wide choice of Greater Paris experiences to discover the area and meet residents: tours, walks, workshops, cruises and parties, etc. Just like Berlin, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam, Greater Paris promises both exciting experiences in off-the-beaten-track venues and original encounters for a revamped tourism experience.