Historic Hotels of Europe

Historic  Hotels  of  Europe  is  delighted  to  share  that  we  have  recently welcomed 13 new properties to our Collection. Each hotel exudes the qualities of hospitality, history  and  charm  that  have  become  synonymous  with  our  seal  of  approval.  They’re the perfect fit for our growing group, and we’re thrilled to introduce them.
To begin we have Puteus Palace, based on the Adriatic coast. This five-star boutique hotel was built in 1467 and with only 15 rooms and suites, offers a level of personal service that’s hard to find elsewhere. Zipping across the continent to Poland, Komierowo Palace presents a stunning alternative. This charming property sits within the middle of a sprawling 16-hectare park, ensuring  glorious  views  from  every  window.  It’s  also  the  home  of  an  award-winning  restaurant  that’s  won  several  accolades  over  recent  years,  giving  it  the  edge  with  intrepid foodies.

Komierowo Palace , Poland

We at Historic Hotels of Europe are also proud to introduce Saka Manor. Described as ‘the pearl of the North-Estonian coastal cliffs’ for its whitewashed facade and clean architecture, this  1600s  property  cuts  a  dashing  figure  against  Estonia’s  azure  skies.  It’s one  of  the  few manors in the country that has been fully restored, too. For a more urban travel experience, Marktgasse Hotel in Zurich is an option that’s hard to beat. Don’t be fooled by its base in the city’s beloved old town… this hotel’s interior is a contemporary delight, the crowning jewel of which is its restaurant, IGNIV: a place that’s famous for its fine dining experience.

In addition, Historic Hotels of Europe has been making waves through Italy this year. We’ve welcomed seven properties from this captivating country to our Collection, starting with Hotel Villa Schuler in Taormina. This hotel was once the popular haunt of artists, bohemians and wealthy  travellers  looking  for  an  escape  to  the  sun,  and  has  steadfastly  remained  to  be  a tempting  travel  spot  for  tourists,  particularly  for  its  beautiful  botanic  gardens  and  rooftop lounge. We’ve also brought the charming four-star hotel, Locanda dei Mai Intees, onboard.

Of all its fabulous perks, it particularly benefits from captivating coordinates: based between two of Italy’s greatest lakes, Maggiore and Como, as well as being just a stone’s throw away from the fashion capital of Milan. It was also once a small medieval village, and has several fascinating stories to share.

Perfect  for  business,  our  Collection  has  acquired  Italy’s  Villa Lampedusa in  Palermo,  too. What  sets  this  villa  apart  is  its  astonishing  architecture  and  art,  which  includes  valuable frescoes,  drawer  ceilings  and  even  its  very  own  astronomic  observatory.  The  surrounding tailored gardens also act as the perfect refuge for visitors looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan life.

Next on the list are four Italian properties owned by the Demetz family, all of which are based  in the UNESCO-approved Dolomites. First up is Hotel am Stetteneck: a bright and friendly establishment that’s ideal for outdoor lovers, offering easy cable car access to some of the mountain’s  most  picturesque  peaks.  Close  by  is  Hotel Angelo Engel,  which  prominently features several spa facilities including heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, various saunas  and  a  fitness  studio.  Elsewhere,  Hotel Cavallino d’Oro  bursts  at  the  seams  with exciting  history.  Its  cosy  Tyrolean-style  rooms  and  emotive  paintings,  photographs  and furnishings  all  speak  of  a  storied  past  spanning  over  700  years.  Rounding  off  the  Demetz family’s catalogue, Hotel Villa Kastelruth is a chalet-style hotel complete with rustic rooms, breathtaking mountain views and more.

Further  –  over  in  Ireland  –  Historic  Hotels  of  Europe  has  rolled  out  the  red  carpet  for Coopershill House.  Comfort,  character,  charm  and  class  are  the  building  blocks  of  this country house next to the Wild Atlantic Way, which is just a two-hour drive away from Dublin.

Finally, Hotel Central in the Netherlands prides itself on its impeccable service and singular style. No two rooms are the same, here, and beyond admiring its eclectic decor, guests can look  down  on  the  medieval  market  square  from  the  hotel  brasserie’s  elevated  terrace.  The perfect way to see the city.

We’re elated about each and every one of our remarkable newcomers, which both embody the spirit of Historic Hotels of Europe and bring their own, unique angle to our group. Sharing their stories with global travellers and inviting them to see Europe through 13 new perspectives is going to be amazing. We can’t wait to start the journey.

Source : Press Release