Lux Hotel & Resort

Promoting an ecological and sustainable way of life in order to protect nature: this is the aim of the initiative set up by LUX* Le Morne in collaboration with schools in the region. Two awareness campaigns, namely Kids Go Green and Zero Waste Awareness, took place throughout this year.

While both campaigns achieved their objectives, the Kids Go Green campaign was named, amongst the Top 3 initiatives at the prestigious 22nd Hospitality Awards in Paris for the Best Social Responsibility Action – Local category.

Mr Jeremie de Fombelle, Regional General Manager of LUX* Resorts & Hotels – Mauritius & Reunion Island – said, “Environmental protection cannot be achieved without the involvement and participation of citizens. Our mission extends beyond the walls of our hotel. Today, we are delighted that this project has been recognised for its exemplary involvement with environmental protection, sustainable development, the local community and our team members.

After all, it is the children who hold the key to our future. Hence, it is our duty to educate them on the importance of sustainability and individual actions, which they in turn can implement to become responsible and environmentally aware adults.”

Led by chefs of LUX* Le Morne to share their knowledge and expertise, Kids Go Green focuses on raising awareness of the importance of good nutrition while educating children on the many ways to reduce food waste. Once a week, a group of students are invited to the hotel to learn about healthy eating through homemade plant-based foods. The hotel’s gardeners also teach the children practical
hands-on skills how to grow plants, sow seeds and care for the soil.

The Hospitality Awards celebrate innovation and excellence, as well as highlighting the most creative
initiatives and passion for continuous learning in the hospitality sector. The Best Social Responsibility
Action award is presented to an initiative that demonstrates a brand’s commitment to sustainable
development, fair trade, corporate social responsibility towards local people and staff, tourist sites and
natural resources